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Release: Device equipped with a lever allowing the placement and the manual movement of the cannon if needed.
Torque limiter: Safety device that prevents damages both to the cannon and the people next to it. If any impact, external push or sudden arrest occur, the gearbox stops without damages and then it starts again automatically.It also allows the cannonIt also allows the cannon to be safely transported by tracked vehicles such as snow cats without any damage to its operation.

  • Three-phase electric motor: Supply 230/400/50;
  • Power kw 0,09 4P B14;
  • Gearbox: 1.86 rpm complete with gearwheel;


Snow cannon’s manual or automatic lifting system. Our clients can choose between the manual or automatic lifting systems, the automatic one works through an electric linear actuator controlled by electrical pulses.

Electronic boards

Electric motor’s control board allowing its optimal operation and the control of the rotation angle adjusting its width trhough a potentiometer. AutoDrive 3.0 board has been developed to adjust the rotation angle through a potentiometer – the clockwise and counterclockwise rotation is completely automatically-handled. The snow angle width and the inversion of the rotation are obtained through an innovative electronic system able to measure the motor shaft’s magnetic position.


What is Snowkit?

Snowkit is the line of components for snow and mist cannons developed for the manual variation of the rotation angle through a potentiometer.
This kit combines three products in a unique solution (all-in-one):

  • Simple installation
  • Universal – it can be installed on any standard model
  • It definitively solves the rotation control problems
  • Best solution on the market price-wise


How we differentiate ourselves

Board completely protected by insulating and self-extinguishable resin

Components's performance up to -55°

High-resistance ABS cover

Lack of mechanical friction between motor and angle sensor

Innovative design with visible command Led lights

Rotation in complete autonomy