3D prototyping

For 3D prototyping of gearboxes, electric motors and other components we have a 3D printer: the Stratasys Dimension Elite.

The Dimension Elite printer allow the maximum resolution available for a 3D printer. Thanks to the FDM technology it prints in 9 colours in ABS plus, a production-grade thermoplastic.

With the FDM technology the components and the models are printed from the bottom up with precisely deposited layers of modeling and support material.

The print process with FDM technology

  1. Preliminary proceedings: It turns your 3D CAD files into models, the 3D Cad file is deconstructed in layers and portioned to calculate the route for the extrusion of the thermoplastic and the support material (if necessary).
  2. Printing phase: The 3D printer heat up the thermoplastic until it become semi-liquid and settle the plastic in micro-pearls. Where a support is necessary, the printer proceed depositing support and removable material to create the ideal fixture.
  3. Post-printing: The support material is removed and dissolved in a solution of water and detergent. The model is now ready to use.

3D prototyping printer technical specifications:

  • FDM technology
  • Print in 9 colours
  • ABS plus thermoplastic
  • Print resolution 0,178 mm
  • Rapid printing resolution 0,254 mm


The 3D printed components are strong, robust and durable over time. ABSplus is used with soluble support material, so the removing is easy and doesn’t cause any problem even with the complex shapes and the deeper sections.

Examples of ABSplus prototypes

Some of our works:

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