Find out more about our automatic rotation mechanism for snow guns: SNOW KIT!

The system provides  the manual angle shifting of the automatic rotation mechanism through  a potentiometer and the automatic inversion left/right.


Benefits of our service

Working at ambient temperatures down to -55°

Emotional and innovative design with Led lights

Totally Covered in high-strength ABS

Automated memory of the slewing cycle angle at the time of the shutdown

Circuit boards covered by insulation and self-extinguishing resin

No Mechanical friction between angular sensor and the electric motor

Standard operating until 500 Volt 50/60 Hz UE - USA

3 year warranty

Autonomously management of the slewing cycle

The SnowKit is one of our main success.

It combines three product in an all-in-one solution: easy to install, one-size-fits-all model, it solve permanently the problem of the automatic rotation system and finally it represents the cheapest solution for your snow gun.

We firmly believe in this product and we’re also ready to personalize it to your specific needs.

Andrea Negrin

Ceo , e-mec srl

The components

Auto-Drive 3.0

Control board for electric motor that allows both the optimal functioning of the electric motor, and the counting and control of the angle of automatic rotation mechanism, adjusting its amplitude through a potentiometer.

The control board Auto-Drive 3.0 has been developed to regulate the automatic rotation mechanism angle through a potentiometer, managing the clockwise and anticlockwise rotation in a totally automatic way.

The width of the snow-making angle and the reversal rotation are obtained by an innovative electronic system able to detect the magnetic position of the the motor axis.

Auto Block

Release/Unblock: Lever device that allow placement and manual handling of the snow gun, if necessary.

Torque limiter: Safety device that protects the operator from physical damage in the area next the snow gun and the integrity of the device. In case of impacts, external pushes or sudden block, the geared motor will give in without breaking and then start again autonomously. The torque limiter also enables the grip from track-laying vehicle like snowmobiles for the safely movement of the snow gun and without any damage to the functioning .

Geared motor: A three-phase electric motor (Power supply voltage 230/400/50, Output power: Kw 0.09 4p B14) and a dedicated gearbox (Gearbox ratio 1/750, Output torque 195 Nm)

Auto Lift

System that allows the lifting of the snow cannon. The customer has a choice between manual and automatic lifting, this last one provides for electric actuators with limit switches controlled by electrical impulses.

About the company

SnowKit is the innovative project by E-mec, a top tier company in designing and prototyping of tailor-made solutions for the industrial and the Automotive field.