E-mec srl design all in one tech solution for the complex needs of the industry: we offer personalized gearboxes, electric motors, actuators and the services of design, production and 3D prototyping of your components.



After some meetings with your technicians we’ll design a fully personalized solution for your specific needs.

With our 3D printer we will provide you a prototype of your component so you can get the idea of the final product.


At the end of the process we will provide you the production of your component with high quality material and the highest standard.

The majority of the suppliers is interested in his product only in terms of price, margin and quality, they think they’re unique and irreplaceable and usually they trasmit to their clients this same feeling and they feel in right of patronize you! You therefore must avail yourself of dedicated staff only to send reminders, you need to make a storage and finally you need to have employ personnel capable of preparing materials for prodution lines and able to manage all the things that your supplier refuses to do: helping you!


– together we evaluate how can we solve your problems, in a way that is technically and economically suitable for you

– we verify if your solution can be easily managed with standard solutions

– if the use of standard product isn’t possible, we project the solution tailored on your situation and in collaboration with your staff

– we assembly gearboxes and electric motors and, if necessary, all the components that rotate around the geared motors

– we box your product up and we deliver according to the provisions

Our collaboration is based on a project studied together and only after your approval. The project includes drawings, mounting and installation manual, packaging systems and delivery time. We’re so sure that you’ll be satisfied that we guarantee that you’ll have 


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E-mec srl

Andrea Negrin 

CEO E-mec srl

Our clients

‘We had the opportunity to work with E-mec srl on an innovative research project where they design a customized solution for our problem.

One thing that definitely makes E-mec stands out is the ability to work in the search for definitive, long-term solutions with remarkable dedication.

While most companies only work on the project, E-mec has been able to meet the requirements we presented them.

I strongly recommend E-mec srl to all the companies which are looking for an efficient, flexible and details-oriented partner to work with.’


Stuffer Florian

Senior Project Manager, DemacLenko IT GMBH/srl

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