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oPEN Letter to companies

Do you recognize yourself in some of these situations?

– I continuously need to urge my supplier for the delivery.

-I asked to write my own code in the packaging but it’s not always done.

– The packaging need to contain the exact required amount for the assembly line, but my supplier doesn’t want to modify his standards.

– My supplier’s contact is always busy or doesn’t know how to give me the answers that i need.

– I need assembly and mounting service from my supplier but he is not sufficiently equipped.

When i ask the answer that i receive back is always: “IMPOSSIBLE”

How can we know about this? Because these are the same problems that we encounter during our experience and that are still afflicting most companies. But why?

Simple, because your supplier isn’t interested in your problem, he’s concerned only to his product! The majority of the suppliers is interested in his product only in terms of price, margin and quality and they assume that this is enough to let the orders rain!

They think they’re unique and irreplaceable and usually they trasmit to their clients this same feeling and they feel in right of patronize you! You therefore must avail yourself of dedicated staff only to send reminders, you need to make a storage and finally you need to have employ personnel capable of preparing materials for prodution lines and able to manage all the things that your supplier refuses to do: helping you!


– together we evaluate how can we solve your problems, in a way that is technically and economically suitable for you

– we verify if your solution can be easily managed with standard solutions

– if the use of standard product isn’t possible, we project the solution tailored on your situation and in collaboration with your staff

– we assembly gearboxes and electric motors and, if necessary, all the components that rotate around the geared motors

– we box your product up and we deliver according to the provisions

** If we fail … WE PAY !!!

Our collaboration is based on a project studied together and only after your approval. The project includes drawings, mounting and installation manual, packaging systems and delivery time. We’re so sure that you’ll be satisfied that we guarantee that you’ll have WHAT YOU NEED WHEN AND WHERE YOU NEED IT !

Can we help you?

Our clients are:

– The companies with a technical problem in the gearbox area

– The firms that need logistic and production management in Kanbab e Kaizen system 

 All the companies that HAVE A PROBLEM THAT WON’T COME BACK AGAIN !!!

 Andrea Negrin – CEO E-mec srl

What are you waiting for?