Technical features

  • Name: Box
  • Nominal reduction ratio: 20-400
  • Torque range: 150-10000Nm
  • Protection class: IP67


What is the Box?

The BOX series gearbox is based on the DWG® patent (Double Wheel Gear), which blends the best features of the two most popular gearboxes:

  • Worm gearbox
  • Helical gearbox

The BOX series uses a worm gearbox as primary reduction (providing high reduction ratios with small dimensions) and a couple of cylindrical gears as final output in order to increase the reduction ratio, keep an excellent performance and provide high torque. The action of the couple of gears allows to always have two teeth in support and a balanced internal distribution of the stress reducing any twisting inside the gearbox. This feature increases the duration of the transmission devices (gears and bearings) compared to other kinds of gearboxes. With this system, the BOX series gearbox exceeds the performance and torque values of any other standard worm gearbox of the same size. At the same time, it is also smaller than any other helical gearbox with equal performances. Each BOX size offers a wide range od reduction ratios, from 20 to 400, always maintaining the same dimensions.


Box comparison




Max dynamic and static loads

Our gearboxes can support static loads (with non-operating gearbox) higher than the ones allowed in rated operating conditions and they can tolerate short-term dynamic overloads while operating (moving).
The static load’s ratio RCS expresses the max torque applicable to the non-operating gearbox (generally imposed by the connected operating machine) and it is equal to the ratio between this static load and the max output one allowed.
In general application, RCD usually expresses the size of the torque peaks, typical of three-phase asynchronous motors.
These peaks can reach double/triple the value of the nominal torque so it is necessary to pay particular attention to reduction levels higher than 120, for which tolerance decreases.
The table has been completed for systems powered at 1400 rpm with overloads of maximum 5 seconds.


3 types of oil

All parts of our gearboxes need to work at oil bath and they are already filled with synthetic lubricant ISO VG-320 studied to have unlimited duration with standard conditions. It is compatible with all installation positions. While submitting an order, we recommend our clients to inform us about the planned installation position so we can optimize the filling based on the operating conditions. However our gearboxes are equipped with a filling/inspection cap to allow our clients to replace or add compatible oil based on their needs (e.g. exposure to low/high temperatures).
Below are some suggested compatible oils:


Suggested for operations at a room temperature between -30°C / +50°C, non-compatible with other mineral oils and natural rubber gaskets:

  • Shell Tivela oil S 320
  • IP Telium oil VSF 320
  • Texaco Synlube CLP 320


Suggested for operations at a room temperature between -5°C / +35°C, non-compatible with synthetic oils:

  • Shell Omala oil 220
  • IP Mellana oil 220
  • Mobil Mobilgear 630
  • Esso Spartan EP 220


Suggested for operations at a room temperature between -40°C / +120°C:

  • Shell Aero fluid 41